Phenomenal Touch- more than a massage, Part 1


This image is part of the exhibit “Body as Art”; a collaboration of Antje Roitzsch and Deborah Cautela, both Phenomenal Touch Master Practitioners, Photographer Lisa Elizabeth and 4 models.

This exhibit was inspired by having massaged many different bodies over the years and developed the sense of awe, reverence and honor to meet the person where they are. To work with different bodies and body types, treasuring and celebrating each and every one of them as a creation of art.

I will pick different images for the next few posts to describe the many different facets and qualities that make Phenomenal Touch so unique.


Gazing upon this image, what feelings and emotions rise up in you? Take a moment to pause and feel into yourself. What part of you resonates with this image?

I take a deep breath and feel a wave of peace come over me. My shoulders drop. The image presents to me a moment of stillness, rest, a quiet presence. There is nothing active happening. It feels like the end of an exhalation, the moment of empting and complete quiet and peace. Yet it feels supported and witnessed. It evokes the feeling of trust and surrender. The space is being held for the receiver to completely connect with themselves. This is the moment I love to facilitate in my Phenomenal Touch Sessions.

For this reason I chose this image to introduce you to Phenomenal Touch even though there are so many undulation, 3 dimensional stretches and moves to choose from.

Exterior life is busy, pushing and pulling us in all directions. I feel it is important to experience the pause; the moment between exhalation and the new inhalation where you can connect with yourself in the stillness.

Let this image remind you that you can tap into your inner peace in the pause between each breath.




What is my first Phenomenal Touch Massage session like?


The first session of Phenomenal Touch™ Massage can take up to 2 hours. The intake form you fill out prior to the session will be the starting point to, hear your story as well as establish your comfort level and our boundaries. There is space for you to voice any expectations, goals and concerns.

I step out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and get under the sheets on the table. I will keep you covered during the massage, just uncovering arms or legs being massaged.

We work on the massage table listening to your body’s story, finding spaciousness in tight areas; discovering how your muscles like to be stretched and moved and what feels nurturing and restful. There is no set routine, each session is based on where you are at the moment and what your goals and needs are.

After the massage I will step out and you can observe the changes in your body. When you are dressed you open the door for me to come back in, so we can have a short check in and see what felt great and if there was anything that felt challenging. This is a good time to reschedule your next session. For future sessions it is actually nice to prepay and pre schedule a number of sessions, so you don’t have to deal with logistics after your massage.

Call to set up your first session 207-542-4285

Why would I receive Phenomenal Touch™ Massage?

P1050735Phenomenal Touch™Massage can offer healing and support on many different levels.

  • You might be managing a stressful life;
  • Working on discovering your connection to your body;
  • Loving and honoring the body you are living in;
  • Shedding experiences your body has been holding on to for a long time;
  • Feeling more alive and vibrant;
  • Recovering after an injury or illness;
  • Learning to receive safe touch;

I will listen to your goals and hold the safe container for your experiences.

Give me a call and we can discuss your personal goals. 207-542-4285

Phenomenal Touch Massage

You can book and Pay your massage online with this link:


book and pay ONLINE

Why receive a Phenomenal Touch™ Massage?

  • Reset muscular and mental tension in a stressful live
  • Experience and learn to love your body, coming home to yourself
  • Deep transformational work on the way to wholeness
  • Reconnecting with yourself and your body on your healing journey
  • dissolving tension
  • Maintain comfort and mobility in areas of scarring by surgery and radiation and promote overall well being.
  • Learning to surrender, build trust
  • nourishing, nurturing touch
  • peaceful state of mind
  • Changing old habits
  • becoming aware, raising self esteem and postural patterns
  • support during life transitions


Phenomenal Touch Massage

Your First Session:

Are you ready to take your massage to a deeper level?

Then come and experience a Phenomenal Touch™ massage.

There is no set routine, each session is based on deeply listening during the intake to where you are at the moment and what you need. It may be to love and accept your body; address physical and emotional trauma and feel deeply nurtured. Plan to devote two hours to yourself.

The fee for the first session is $145.

90 Min. Followup Sessions:

After establishing the initial relationship between client and practitioner we invite you to check in about where you are at in this moment and what your goals are for this session. The massage will give you a chance to deepen your experience with yourself. You will leave the session restored, renewed and rejuvenated and gain a different connection to your body.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your health and wellbeing, please consider our offer of packages or automatic payments below.

90 minute session (recommended) $ 120

60 minute session (possible) $100

Specialty Massages:

Hot Stone Massage:

Maine handpicked hot Stones will be placed on your body as well as used in the massage. The heat of the stones will deeply penetrate tight muscle tissue and allow you to melt on the table. Perfect for cold winter days. This will be a truely therapeutic experience.

Hot Stone Massage 90 min. $ 140

Payment made easy:

Have you ever been so relaxed after a massage that you walked out and forgot to pay?  Then this option is for you.  Payments happen automatically and you can stay in the bliss of the session.  If you schedule your appointments way in advance, you have nothing to think about, but to feel your body and appreciate the lovely flow of energy through it.

Another advantage is that your price will stay the same for the length of the contract, even if I raise the fees during the year.

You find this option with this LINK. Go to the tab “Purchase Sessions” and then go to “Contracts”. You will find a sample contract for a monthly $100 automatic payment plan.  Would a different plan suite you better?  Talk to me, 207-542-4285.

Prepay packages:

If you choose this option I will give you a big Thank You savings.

Have you ever been so relaxed after a massage that you walked out and forgot to pay?  Then this option is for you.  Pre pay your massages and you can stay in the bliss of the session.  This will also give you a guarantied price, even if I raise the fees in the spring. If you schedule your appointments way in advance, you have nothing to think about, but to feel you body and appreciate the lovely flow of energy through it.

Package of 5 Session: $525. That is a Thank You Gift of $75. Good for 6 month

Package of 10 Sessions: $1050. That is a Thank You Gift of $150. Good for 12 months

Receive a discount for referring friends and family:

Not ready to make a prepay commitment? You still can receive the same price by referring a friend. This is a great way you could reduce the amount of your session every time.  For every person you refer that receives a session, you will get a $20 credit towards your next session.  Your friend, family member or coworker will receive a $25 gift toward their $145 Intake session.

Book and Pay on line option: click this link