Why would I receive Phenomenal Touch™?

Phenomenal Touch™ can offer healing and support on many different levels.

    • You might be managing a stressful life;
    • Working on discovering your connection to your body;
    • Loving and honoring the body you are living in;
    • Shedding experiences your body has been holding on to for a long time;
    • Feeling more alive and vibrant;
    • Recovering after an injury or illness;
    • Learning to receive safe touch;

I will listen to your goals and hold the safe container for your experiences.


What is different about Phenomenal Touch™ Massage?

Phenomenal Touch™ is 3-dimensional massage, incorporating stretching and moving the recipient in ways that might include draping limbs over the table, or over the practitioner’s (my) leg or arm, letting gravity pull the weight of the recipient’s body into my hands. Variation in speed is part of the method, and sometimes momentum is used to move the recipient about. I use movement to enter tight areas, finding the spaciousness within restrictions.

Active participation:

The receiver is invited to participate and guide the session with 3 words more, less, stop. I let your breath direct me, as well as any non verbal responses like groans, moans and flinches. If you feel like moving and get into a different position, you can do so, I will follow you.

The more active your participation, the more empowered you might feel and the more your needs will truly be met.


Once you are more familiar with the work, you can use your session to build trust and surrender. It might bring you back to a childlike state of being held and nurtured. Trust needs to be earned, takes time and requires feeling safe. Over the period of a few sessions you will notice a difference in how your body is responding and is able to let go. Giving honest feedback will help me improve your experience.


What is my first session like?

The first session of Phenomenal Touch™ Massage can take up to 2 hours. The intake form you fill out prior to the session will be the starting point to, hear your story as well as establish your comfort level and our boundaries. There is space for you to voice any expectations, goals and concerns.

I step out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and get under the sheets on the table. I will keep you covered during the massage, just uncovering arms or legs being massaged.

We work on the massage table listening to your body’s story, finding spaciousness in tight areas; discovering how your muscles like to be stretched and moved and what feels nurturing and restful. There is no set routine, each session is based on where you are at the moment and what your goals and needs are.

After the massage I will step out and you can observe the changes in your body. When you are dressed you open the door for me to come back in, so we can have a short check in and see what felt great and if there was anything that felt challenging. This is a good time to reschedule your next session. For future sessions it is actually nice to prepay and pre schedule a number of sessions, so you don’t have to deal with logistics after your massage.


How can I get the most from my session?

It is nice to take your time to stay longer on the table, get up slowly and notice your body anew; stretch and experience how your body has changed; follow the path of newly gained awareness.

If something profound came up during your session, it might be nice to journal, draw, or move.

Often I space sessions 30 min. apart.  But there is also the waiting room area to hang out, make yourself a cup of tea, rest and restore.

Please don’t drive if you feel spaced out.


What happens if emotions get released by massage?

Emotional stress, memories of trauma, accidents and other tensions are held in the body’s tissue. Releasing muscular tension during a massage or other bodywork can sometimes also release emotions, past trauma or memories. It might be experienced as a wave of tears coming up, images might give you insight, memories might surface, muscles might quiver and release. While those incidents don’t happen often, I am prepared to respectfully give you space to experience whatever your body is releasing and keep you safe during the process. You don’t need to find words for your experience. It usually only happens when the body is ready to let go of old stuff and there is enough trust and safety.


I experienced trauma and I am nervous about having someone touch me. I need to rebuild my feeling of trust.

Overcoming trauma takes courage.  You will need to find the right practitioner to work with, so you can build trust and feel safe.  You are welcome to contact me for a free 15 min. consultation. Should you decide to work with me, we will take our time during the intake to establish your boundaries and communicate what will feel safe to you.

You are in charge of your session.  If at any time you feel unsafe, just say STOP. You don’t need to explain if there are no words. You also can direct me with the words MORE or LESS to alter the pressure or redirect me to a different area.  We will start very slowly and in an area that you have determined as safe.

Over time you will meet your body in a new way, learn your body signals indicating safety and trust and how it feels to experience touch in a safe, nurturing way.

I invite you on this journey.


How do I know if Phenomenal Touch is the right fit for me?

Once a month I offer 15 min. Mini Sessions, so you can get a feel for my work and personality. This will help you determine if we are a good fit and if this work is for you. Give me a call at 207-542-4285 to reserve your spot.


How can I schedule a session?

Choose the method that is most comfortable to you:

Call me at 207-542-4285 and leave a message if I can’t answer the phone. I’ll call you back when I get the message.

Email me at your convenience info@healingartsmaine.com and I usually will get back to you by the end of the day.



Do you have different payment options?

If you get so relaxed during a massage and don’t want to deal with money or schedules afterwards, you can always prepay your sessions, either before we start or in advance with these options:

  • Prepay a pack of 5 or 10 sessions. You will receive a significantly lower price per session.
  • find all my pricing options for individual session and packages here: https://healingartsmaine.wordpress.com/your-massage/pay-online/
  • Individual arrangements: If you are at a stage where you want to work with me intensively with a specific goal in mind, let’s sit down and figure out what would work for both of us.
  • Free session: as part of my “giving back program” I will occasionally support someone by giving a session or a discount. It has to be for a reason or for a cause I strongly believe in. Ask me.


Do you have more questions like these? Give me a call 207-542-4285:

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