Antje brings her ability and talent as a sculptor to the massage table, giving her the sensibility to touch and work the tissue of the body like clay. She “listens with her hands” in a very 3 dimensional, sculptural way.

In her early thirties Antje Roitzsch experienced back spasms. What was the cause? Why was her body talking to her? Could it be postural strain sitting at the goldsmith bench all week, doing farm work or the unhealthy relationship? Studying massage therapy and shiatsu sent her on a path of discovery into the mystery of the mind-body connection.

After practicing bodywork for 10 years, Antje discovered Phenomenal TouchTM, which rekindled her passion for massage. Receiving her first session, the deeply attuned quality of touch made her experience the beauty of her own body.This awakened a new quality of love for herself.

Thus inspired she studied Phenomenal TouchTM extensively and eventually became an instructor. Through training with Leslie Bruder in Colorado, she developed her sense of living with an open heart; waking up to her higher purpose of helping people discover their heart, getting to love their body and connect to their joy of being alive.

“I love being the bridge for people to live in their body with greater joy.”

Connecting deeply with one’s body—truly inhabiting, loving, accepting and appreciating one’s body—is the experience Antje strives for with Phenomenal TouchTM massage.

Antje Roitzsch — Healing Arts Maine

91 Elm Street • Camden, Maine 04843