Client Testimonials

  • Feedback to Phenomenal Touch™ sessions:
“Well, I should have let you know, because it was just a wonderful experience. I noticed at yoga the next morning that my body was looser than it has been in almost a year.  It felt as if all the stress of a year of moving from NYC to Maine had been released.  The pain in my left knee was largely gone, though in the last couple of days it has returned.
I will be back!  It was a pleasure meeting you and your work is perfect for me.”
John, now in Maine


“My experience receiving Phenomenal Touch from Antje has been healing, pleasurable and relaxing. My health goal has been to maintain my comfort and mobility in areas of my body scarred by surgery and radiation and to promote overall well being. Antje’s techniques are like nothing I have previously experienced in a massage. She manipulates my body, limbs and torso, in a fluid flow that incorporates range of motion, rotation, cross-body diagonals, through-body pressure and stretching. As she works, I can feel my tissues releasing and adhesions becoming less pronounced. I leave a session feeling blissful and relaxed”.

Meg Barclay, Camden ME

“She cradles my shoulders and head, rocking and holding me. I am comforted, freed from my sufferings. This is what we all secretly and fundamentally want. Not to be loved unconditionally, but to be comforted unconditionally – held, and rocked, and soothed. I feel something let go, something no longer alive, old stories I’ve been living in – they slip away and something new and healthy and living comes to take its place.

After the massage I am in a timeless state, situated outside the world. I am content to remain here indefinitely, unable to imagine another activity. Later I tell her I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t want this always, why there aren’t farm stands so we can all have this experience at any moment’s notice.”

Paul Stark, NY

“Phenomenal Touch Massage is aptly named and it truly a transformational experience.  Antje’s technique is much more rhythmic, supportive and effective than any other I have been exposed to.  Her ability to skillfully flow from one area of the body to another allowed me to enter a meditative state filled with muscular tension release.  She stayed connected to me while maneuvering my body in a seemingly effortless manor.  Her ability to be present to my physical needs was amazing and should be felt by anyone wishing to have a higher level of massage.  When it comes to practitioners I am extremely selective.  I highly recommend Antje Roitzsch to everyone seeking the benefits of massage.”

Michael Keating, Owner of Divine Life Wellness Consulting

  • Feedback to Package of 10 Phenomenal Touch™ sessions:

“Last winter I signed on for 10 session of Phenomenal Touch with Antje. I had been to a demonstation of this kind of massage and was moved by what I witnessed. Then I had a single session and knew that I wanted to do this on a regular basis for a while. It took a few sessions for me to really surrender to the process. But gradually a trust built between us that allowed me to flow with Antje in a way that was so very nourishing. I could feel the tension in my body dissolving as she opened and nurtured area after area of my body. I often was on the verge of sleep at the end of the session, and Antje gave me time to rest into that deep stillness before arising.  Driving home, I recall marveling  at my peaceful state and the beauty of the world.”

Jean Matlack, Rockport ME

  • Feedback to Couples Phenomenal Touch™ session:

I had some “stuff’ loosen up and fall away after our session for sure.  It was awesome.  I truly felt you and I were “dancing”.  You were very aware of my breathing and emotions and consciously working with my body, mind and spirit.  Phenomenal Touch is a very appropriate label for what you do.  The couples part was very powerful to speak with you so authentically about what is going on in our lives.  You made me feel like it was safe to say what I truly felt.   I have never been to a marriage counselor, but I feel that a session like this surpasses what might happen in a traditional clinical atmosphere many times over.  I think this would be an awesome tool for you to use with couples.  It seemed a little different at first being in the room together as all of the massages I have had have been me and one other, but after allowing myself to be with that it was an awesome experience.  Thank you for facilitating it!