Antje Roitzsch is giving you tips on how to stay healthy, use your body correctly and promote overall well being and self care.  We share our experience and knowledge of massage, body work and the importance of touch in our lives. Please take some of the information for your own wellbeing.

Some of the videos were created with Deborah Cautela, while she and Antje Roitzsch were at the Maine Beehive.  Even though the contact info is not valid any more, the messages of the videos are still very helpful. Please enjoy them.

A wonderful weekend- your Arms and Hands might be sore now

Have you enjoyed a wonderful weekend outside, working in the garden, doing a project, trying out a new sport? Your Arms and Hands might be very sore now.

Here is a guide to loosen up the tight muscles and stretch the forearms and wrists. Your body will appreciate stretching before and after the work. Take a little time to recover faster from the strain.

Take a break and massage your neck, head and face

We all might need to get revitalized and our mood lifted    I’ll guide you through a simple easy to follow routine.


While being at home, why not massage each other?

Here are some tips on how to give good feedback, so you get the massage that works for you. There are also different ways to use your hands and listen to feedback. Let me know if this is helpful. Is it too long? Have fun exploring new connections.

Relax your tight back

Does your back get tight? Here are great instructions to relax your back with tennis balls.

Get your Body ready for Spring Projects

Spring is here and it is time to do your outside projects.  Make sure your body is in shape.  Tips to get ready.

Back Pain relief with Static Back

Is you back getting tired? Low back ache, discomfort or pain? This static back position might help. It is from Pete Egoscue, the author of “Pain Free”.
Here are more exercises…

Hip Stabilization

Do you have any discomfort in your hips, upper legs or low back? Here is an exercise to get your hip muscles stabilized and working together, engaging your core.


Coping skills for Stress

How do you cope with stress?  Here are some suggestions.  Massage is a great way to change your body’s chemistry and create a more positive outlook on life.  Spring is waiting for you under the snowbanks.

Stay feeling good

Are you feeling good in your body? Great!  Insure that you stay that way with a maintenance plan.  What ever works for you, stick with it on a regular basis.  Don’t let pressure build up and let pain develop.  Phenomenal touch massage is a great way to keep your body feeling great.


What to expect from a Seated Massage

Receiving a seated massage is a valuable way to quickly release muscles of bad habitual posture at your desk or other place of work.  Invite us to your place of work and we help you stay comfortable in your body for longer.


Warming up your body before physical work

Winter has blessed us with an abundance of snow on the east coast.  Here are some tips of warming up your body before going out to shovel snow.  Also good to do when coming back inside.  Then come on in for a Massage to the Maine Beehive in Rockport Maine.


Keep your body safe shoveling snow

The abundant snow in Maine has been a challenge for our bodies.  Here are some tips on how to keep your body safe and your back strong. And it is so good to get a massage in between the shoveling to really loosen up those tight muscles.


Experience couples or fourhanded Massage

Antje Roitzsch and Deborah Cautela offering bodywork at The Maine Beehive. Couples Massage for Valentines- or any other time.  Four-handed massages as well.