Phenomenal Touch- more than a massage, Part 1


This image is part of the exhibit “Body as Art”; a collaboration of Antje Roitzsch and Deborah Cautela, both Phenomenal Touch Master Practitioners, Photographer Lisa Elizabeth and 4 models.

This exhibit was inspired by having massaged many different bodies over the years and developed the sense of awe, reverence and honor to meet the person where they are. To work with different bodies and body types, treasuring and celebrating each and every one of them as a creation of art.

I will pick different images for the next few posts to describe the many different facets and qualities that make Phenomenal Touch so unique.


Gazing upon this image, what feelings and emotions rise up in you? Take a moment to pause and feel into yourself. What part of you resonates with this image?

I take a deep breath and feel a wave of peace come over me. My shoulders drop. The image presents to me a moment of stillness, rest, a quiet presence. There is nothing active happening. It feels like the end of an exhalation, the moment of empting and complete quiet and peace. Yet it feels supported and witnessed. It evokes the feeling of trust and surrender. The space is being held for the receiver to completely connect with themselves. This is the moment I love to facilitate in my Phenomenal Touch Sessions.

For this reason I chose this image to introduce you to Phenomenal Touch even though there are so many undulation, 3 dimensional stretches and moves to choose from.

Exterior life is busy, pushing and pulling us in all directions. I feel it is important to experience the pause; the moment between exhalation and the new inhalation where you can connect with yourself in the stillness.

Let this image remind you that you can tap into your inner peace in the pause between each breath.